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Expert Microwave Oven Repair in Dubai

We're experts in microwave oven repair, handling both gas and electric models with a skilled team ready for immediate response. From our company's inception, we've consistently provided top-notch appliance repair, making us a trusted name for microwave oven repair services throughout the UAE.


Microwave Repair

  • Spare part rates applicable as per rate card

  • Recommended for machines serviced more than 6 months ago

  • Noise Issue

  • Electrical Issue/Not Working

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We offer the energy efficient equipment that would give you the most effective solutions without any hassles.

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We’re still in business by popular demand, with over 30 years of combined experience between our partners — local family men with the know-how to keep your home cool and your family comfortable.

Ready to see just what we can do for you? Reach out online through Whatsapp with questions or just give us a call today!

When it comes to your family's health, safety, and comfort are involved, you can’t afford to take any chances. We offer reliable services so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! You can rely on us and trust us.

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Your Comfort Is
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We Thank you for your interest in our services! For any other questions on your air conditioning or any other system, we are one call away. We are always ready to serve you and fix your problem on the first call.

Frequently asked questions for microwave oven repair related
  • Should You Replace Your Over-the-Range Microwave?
    If your microwave is over ten years old and repair costs are mounting rapidly, replacing it could be worthwhile as newer models provide improved efficiency and features.

  • Should You Repair Your Microwave Yourself or Hire Professional Services?
    DIY may be adequate for simple tasks like changing a bulb, but it should always be treated as such for electrical or mechanical issues requiring professional expertise,

  • What Do Microwave Repairs Cost, and Should They Be Fixed? 
    Cost can vary greatly; minor repairs could be affordable, while replacement may be more cost-effective depending on age and performance. Be sure to factor in all relevant information when making this decision.

  • What Are the Common Microwave Repair Problems? 
    Common microwave repair issues include no heat coming through, malfunctioning turntables, door issues, sparking, and noises due to component wear or failure.

  • How to Fix a Microwave Oven?
    While simple tests such as checking power supplies or door closure can be completed at home, professional repair service should always be considered safer and more dependable for internal issues.

  • How Can I Locate Microwave Oven Repair Near Me?
    Search online, read customer reviews or request recommendations in your area to identify local microwave oven repair services specializing in your specific microwave model.

  • What Do Microwave Appliance Repair Services Cover?
    Repair services often address various issues related to microwave appliances, such as broken magnetrons, control panel issues, mechanical turntables, and door issues. In addition, they can advise whether repair or replacement is a more viable option.

  • How Do I Determine That the Repair Shop Is Capable of Fixing My Microwave?
    Ensure your service provider is licensed and has experience servicing the brand you own of microwave. Customer reviews also indicate their reliability and quality of work.

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